Every single piece of leather on our products is carefully chosen, ensuring premium quality and maximum strength. Therefore, we use only the best quality vegetable tanned full grain leather that has been exclusively made for our atelier. However, each piece of leather is unique, it has its own grain, structure and character. We match the chosen leather with its thickness to the function it has been designed for.

Leather as a natural material slowly change over time. Everyday use, scratches and natural oils allow it to develop its own patina. In the beginning, it might be slightly stiff to start with but over time it softens and will break- in, shaping naturally to the body it has been designed for. The more you use it, the softer it will become, the more it will change shape, the more it becomes part of you.

Since leather is a natural material it will require some care over time to keep its natural qualities and stay strong without drying out. Therefore, we add a small batch of our own ateliers leather balm made of natural beeswax and oils to protect your leather and keep it in good shape for a long time.



When making a leather product, connections are necessary in order to get from the cut out piece to the desired object. Connections are always the weakest spot on a leather object and therefore the first thing that is wearing down. Our design approach focuses on the most minimalistic pattern we can think of, not only for the aesthetic aspect but also to guarantee that the product turns out as durable as possible and will last a lifetime and beyond.

Our products involve traditional techniques like saddle stitching done by hand with durable waxed leather-threat. On the stress spots we use unbreakable solid copper or brass rivets that are individually trimmed and hand-hammered to lock in place.
All the edges on our products are polished by hand with natural beeswax multiple times in an intensively time-consuming process to ensure a smooth touch on places where it is necessary. In the end each product gets a buffed with our ateliers leather balm to a smooth finish.